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PostSubject: Charter/recruitment   Sun Jul 20, 2008 1:12 am

Our language is English!

I started this guild on the foundation of sportsmanship and teamwork. I don't want to see people putting everyone around them down with insults and self praise.

What can the guild do for you?

We don't mind answering your questions or even going to help you. We understand how confusing starting a new game can be and will try to ease that confusion.

We provide a friendly environment that likes to help other players. We like to make every person feel welcome once accepted into the guild. You won't be discriminated against or made fun of if you're new to the game. We'll help you make those first steps into greatness so that you may become a great tribute to the guild and the people you play with.

But remember: We can't help you learn by ourself. We can only help you if you let us. ^^

What if you're not new to the game?

We will do dungeons, bosses, and PvP, don't worry! You will be one of the many members striving to help this guild become great. You will be valued as an individual and not be treated as a faceless slot in the guild.

If you're truly determined and feel you want to contribute more to the community, you may become a high ranking officer.

No excessive whining
No excessive arrogance
No Cheating/Hacking/Exploiting etc.)
No excessive begging
No harassing other players.
No racism/sexism/etc.

Please try to be nice and friendly to people unless they prove unworthy of such treatment.

If you have a problem with someone please talk it out before making/doing any rash decisions/actions.

Now here are some requirements:

Have a decent comprehension of the English language.

Please, do not type like a retarded 10 year old AOL kiddie on purpose.


Courtesy of ... lator.html

We'd like it if you are able to voice your opinions in a civil manner without resorting to foul language.

We enjoy our guild as our members are friendly, honest, mature, and selfless.

To clear some things up, we like our members to be mature not uptight. We enjoy screwing around and having fun.

There is a bit more information in the forums but this pretty much covers our goals and beliefs.

Some tid-bits.

Remember that the heads of the guild are there for you. If you have a problem with someone or something then feel free to go to them for mediation.

We have ventrilo.

Overall, the best way to get to know us is to hang out with us! Feel free to talk to us in-game.

I will strive to bring this clan together and have it feel like a family. We all work for the good of the clan and not just ourselves.


If you have read this post and feel that you will be a great part of our clan then submit an application on our forums. The format for the application is in a sticky.

Some people ask why we put up an application system on our forums. Trust me, it's much easier to have a list of the people who want to join than having to look through this recruitment post through the comments, spam, and other things to find the people who wanted to join. Not only that, the application helps us find out more about the person behind the character.

We look forward to seeing you in-game Guild member or not. ^^
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